Gambling debts discharged

Gambling debts discharged eureka hotel and casino mesquite nevada

Unsuccessful gamblers lose the gambling money and are then burdened with burgeoning credit card debts.

However, if the marker resulted from a post-dated check, then there is minimal risk of criminal prosecution. Chapter 7 Eliminate Medical Bills However, proposed legislation, if enacted, will certainly make it gamblinv more difficult for gamblers to discharge their debts. This "subjective" test has been also adopted by other bankruptcy courts in the Northern District of Illinois. But public policy changed.

Gambling debt, as a category of debt, holds no special status in bankruptcy and can be discharged. I have practiced bankruptcy in Las Vegas. Written by Craig D. Robins, Esq. Gambling has long been a culprit that drives people into bankruptcy. With Atlantic City and Indian casinos a mere bus ride away. We do indeed take on and help clients who have been sunk by gambling debts. Can gambling debts be discharged in bankruptcy? It's a tough question but the.

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